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Stationary Lift Table DG01/DG03

Description : We are professional Stationary Lift Table DG01/DG03 supplier and factory in China.We can produce the product according to your requirements.


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Stationary Lift Table

1. This series of products are mainly used in the production line in industrial and mining enterprise industry. They can also be used as lifts to convey goods in other industries. The products can be made according to the parameters by customers.
2. You can control the lift up and down both on the platform and the ground, just need press stop button, it can stop at any point if you want.
3. Types of control mode: manual, electrical, we can also install the remote control device according to your requirement.
4. We also supply spare parts free and supply technical supporting all the time.(Spare parts: control button, travel switch, Oil cylinder seals and the wrench)


 Capacity  kg 1000 1000
 Max. lift height  h12(mm) 1000 1000
 Min. height of table  h13(mm) 190 190
 Lifting height  h3(mm) 810 810
 Table size  lxb5xs(mm) 1350x800x80 1500x1000x80
 Moter power  (kw) 0.75 0.75
 Input voltage  (V) 220/380 220/380
 Lifting speed  (S) 19 19
 Lowering speed  mm/s 150 150
 Service weight  (kg) 206 216

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